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Nail Care Services

For Any Occasion

Traditional Manicure


In this treatment, a deep conditioning protein cream is used to soften the cuticles, the nails are filed, buffed, and cuticles maintained. Finished with the polish of your choice

Conditioning Manicure


Our Traditional Manicure followed by an application of heated softening cream for a finished look.

Ultimate Manicure


This manicure starts with Aroma Therapy for the hands. It uses special oils and creams to exfoliate dead skin and promote skin renewal. It leaves skin toned, refreshed, energized, and younger looking.

French Manicure


This is a complete manicure, except for the polish application is unique. It is beautifully natural and enhances the nail tips with a white opaque color, finished with a translucent tone of pink or beige. It is a great look during the summer months and a favorite choice for brides!

Polish Change-Hands


Need a quick revival? A new color application is the answer!

Gentleman's Manicure

$15-Plain  $18-Buff

Includes a hot cream hand massage, followed by a cuticle curtailing soak with clipping and pushing of cuticles, nail buffing and perfecting.

Gel Nails

Full Set-$58    Gel Fills (Shellec Overlay)-$60

This newer technique achieves excellent results by combining a gel application to the existing nail, which is then cured with a light for bonding. Maintenance is recommended every 2-3 weeks.

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